Strange Connections

What would be the connection between Radio Scotland, Star Wars character Darth Maul and TGO and outdoors expert Cameron McNeish?

Darth-MaulMore on this later.

Its been a wee while since I got going with the plan to walk up the UK and it has been a learning experience to say the least. If I thought dealing with Parkinsons was tricky that was before I started to unravel the world of social media.

What to Write!

There is a stark difference between what type of post, blog or tweet you put up, for instance no one but no one apart from folk who know me will really be interested in a picture of me on a hill. So that goes on facebook.

Twitter is a revelation and it is a free for all that you dip in and out of, commenting real time, and unless its real time forget it!

Now the blog, mainly therapy I think, somewhere for me to expand on the rudimentary tweets perhaps, who knows?

Anyway that’s it from me for the moment

Oh yes Star Wars etc? Well they all are aware of The Long Straight Walk (true)


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