Kid Creole: Are you listening?

kid creole
Kid and his amazing Coconuts

The 80’s sensation that August Darnell created in his own likeness was ‘Kid Creole’ and alongside the Kid stood his Coconuts.

“Don’t don’t don’t, don’t take my coconuts” was the refrain to one his all together superb songs

But I have to say this to you Kid, and what I have to say will hurt and maybe ruin our 30 year relationship. Kid, you were wrong, as wrong as left is not right, and as wrong as gravy on pears, and as wrong as a spotted Zebra. Wrong wrong wrong

So Very wrong

For I have just read and heard that the news is – DO, yes August Darnell, DO DO DO take your coconuts. Take them as flakes take them as aminos and most definitely take them as Coconut Oil. How were we to know in the dark ages of the 1980s that coconuts could be a life saver.

My first encounter with the pure and exotic coconut was at the Shows, now you may know the Shows as the Funfare or even the Carnival but I knew them as the Shows and twice a year hail rain or sun, usually rain, the whole of the town went down to the Bught Park to hook a duck and win a coconut, what could be more fun. At the end of the evening you went home happy, after a couple of whirlss on the waltzers and then seeing a ginger haired boy crying, blood pouring from his nose and candy floss in hand, trapped on the dodgems. The night was complete, well nearly complete as long as you had a coconut (or a goldfish but the goldfish is not relevant).

So home it was, coconut in hand, the anticipation, the expectation, then the fury and frustration of getting the darn thing open and ready for scoffing. What would it taste like? Bound to be like a Bounty bar, the taste of paradise no less. ‘Open it with Dad’s hammer’ came the shout from big brother , “I’ll get it for you’ no danger of him actually doing the needful. So a coconut hsmmercouple of accurate hits and several mishits later the white flesh was opened up, unfortunately the coconut was still intact, my thumb, though, was now in tatters. But not to be distracted from the task in and, a large screwdriver appeared and whack whack whack the beast was open.

Now I do appreciate you taking the time to read this far and I also do appreciate you are about to click away from this latest chapter but hold on, just hold on because there is a reason, a sense of purpose in all this coconutty chatter. So read one more line

Coconut Oil can cure Alzheimers and help control Parkinsons!

See, I told you it was worth the wait. The proof, is that what you’re thinking, where’s the proof! The studies, the research, the facts!

Well I must admit that the facts are sketchy and the studies not yet carried out to satisfy medical minds but……………but there is hope. And let’s just suppose it to be true, even for 1 in 1000 that would be 30,000 people or so across the world free from shaking, freezing and cursing there way through life.

I happen to have just started a new diet, or should I say was of eating, I think its called ‘It All Starts With Food” Well these guys are big on coconut oil and this was the first i had ever heard of the stuff and that was last Friday (31st May 2013) . Out we pop to Tescos and purchased a jar of the stuff.

coconut oilWell imagine my surprise when I saw this report from the US of A

and then this one

Well shiver me timbers, what a result for a fat balding shaker; Parkinsons, weight loss and a hair loss treatment all in one jar. My luck is in. Now I don’t expect miracles and I don’t expect to be cured but after all the news about what ‘MAY’ cause Parkinsons, isn’t it a breath of tropical fresh air to hear what ‘MAY‘ cure Parkinsons

So thats it from me, and if you want some  Coconut Life saving Oil just go to John’s Coconut Oil Emporium at my new online shop. The Coconut Oil is on me!

Slainte Mhath



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