One Direction Split

The demise of One Direction would surely cause a national , no, international outcry. Pictures of hundreds of weeping teenage girls, mainly filmed through airport chain link fences, comforting each other with stories about how the world  will end without the musical talents of Harry and Co. BBC1, CNN and ITV cameras would battle it out amongst the scrum of paparazzi snappers at the hastily arranged press conference.

Going their own way?

Now I, for one, would be sad, not because the music in my life had suddenly stopped, but because our wee pal 1d harryHarry had come out and said his Grandad had Parkinsons, and that statement alone meant a few more people became aware of the disease. How brave to say such a thing in public. The bravery I suspect rests with Gramps who, I guess, faces  a life of increasing frustration as PD takes hold a wee bit more every month/year.

Lets be honest here folk, as far as I know One Direction are going to produce records as long as Mick and the rest of the Stones and maybe longer (thats right lass I made it up, now stop your bubbling). fence 1dMy headline grabbing title is wee ploy to get a new younger following (aye right!). Enough to entice the curious blog reader on board,  most of whom wont have to got this section (must remember to add in a 1D photo). For those of you who have got this far well done and welcome to the real blog, the one with wit and meaning, or at least meaning to be witty.

Part 2

This week I  have enjoyed being off work and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Here is a list of things I had planned to do;-

  • Decorate bedroom
  • Build 2 new websites (very good rates offered!)
  • Do a little bit on the garden (no need to over promise)
  • Tidy garage so car can fit in ( even I am thinking  not a snowballs chance in hell)
  • Play last ever game of cricket

Five objectives, it’s Friday as I right this, and so far I have scored an impressive 1 out of 5

So what on earth has been soaking up my time?

The answer is ‘living life and thoroughly enjoying it, without stress, without a clock and without real plans’

Want to go out for a walk with the dogs?

Certainly did and 4 hour later I am back in the house with a smug grin and 2 of the tiredest happiest hounds in the world.IMG_3299

Want to nip up to the farm and get some of those amazing free range ……. (insert list of whatever you call eggs from chickens that live in the open and have real feathers!)

Certainly did and the scrambled eggs were yellower than a prize canarybanner hen

Want to sit in and have a read this evening?

Certainly did.

So what has all this to do with either a long straight walk or parkinsons?

The answer is “everything and nothing” All the dog walking is fantastic practice for the walk and I know I will need it, and in order to be able to plan effectively and do everything I need  to do,  I should remain as free from stress as possible. So who puts the stress into my life? Yup, yours truly, me myself and I. What an eejit eh, imagine stressing yourself when you know it’s not good for you. I and perhaps you too, need to take time out of being busy and really ask ‘What do I really want’ and aslo have a think about how a happier healthier you can influence those around you.

To all you 1D fans out there, relax, Harry will have a glittering solo career regardless and the rest of the lads will do some fantastic 2 Direction tribute tours until the grand re-union tour in 2015

So learnings from this week

  • Grass grows in my garden at 68mm per week
  • The car will NEVER go into the garage
  • The bedroom looks fine as it is
  • I need to get cracking on those websites
  • Cricket should most definitely NOT be played by a 47 year old with PD who thought he coud still bowl!
  • Stress is rubbish and being happy is great craic

Oh and one last thought before I sign off, a thought came to me about having Parksinsons and it is this

Having Parksinsons is like you are watching a video when the sound and vision are out of sync, you’re mind is perhaps half a second ahead of your body.

Thats me for another wee while

Cheers my friends, Slàinte mhath!


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