Change Preconceptions to Beat Parkinsons

Lets get a few of the preconceptions I have come across recently put right out of the way.


I am not old (you cheeky bunch, have you never heard of Early Onset Parkinsons?)

I do not ‘shake a bit’

I am not brave.

Parkinsons is for old people is rather like saying a Mercedes Benz is silver, you may well be right quite a bit of the time but suddenly a blue Merc whistles by you on the motorway, and you are caught in the crosshair sights mb logoon the mercs bonnet and your theory is shot down. You see Parkinsons is very sociable, it  is for everyone, age and gender are pretty well irrelevant. So that’s number one out of the way.

Also I used to think that shaking can’t be much of a hindrance, after all, it is not like you have anything really wrong with you, just a bit of a shake. Oh how nieve I was back in those rock steady days when I could carry drinks, brush my teeth, write, type, thank god I was rubbish at the piano because that would have gone too. I suppose the  world will have to get by without my  ‘Frere Jacques’ ‘Oh When The Saints’ medley. Typing, now at least being awful at typing throws up the chance for a joke – ‘I am pressing all the right letters just not necessarily in the right order‘. Don’t look at me kiddo, I never said it was a funny joke.

Then you consider all the tremor is causing the tiredness in your arm as you try to stop the shaking, then you consider whatever you are experiencing now is the thin end of a particularly horrible wedge. Now I could go on and I probably will at some later point, but on with the blog. Number 2 debunked (remember to flush and was your hands). I don’t shake a bit, I shake a lot and often.

Remind me what was the third one?


Oh yes bravery, “aren’t you doing well to face up to it” or “you’ve got a great attitude’or  ‘Aren’t you brave’ In essence No to all those things. I have Parkinsons and I am still the same person I was before, not brave, not attitudingly adjusted, just me, I have ups and downs but lets be honest, I am not some hero out there fighting endless battles for the greater good of mankind warranting a bravery sticker or as some people call them ‘medals’. No, I am just trying to fight my own wee battle, one that I didn’t choose, no bravery here, just life.

So now that the third preconception is put to the sword let’s get on with the chat about ME ME ME

I have been motivated by Parkinsons, barriers have come down in my mind, now I am a highly effective person, more so than ever before.Yes, you heard right, motivated by Parkinsons!

Lets take a look at what I mean. My online persona of ‘The Long Straight Walk’ belies my humble mind and demonstrates the best of me. Organised, inspired to come up with ideas, plans, yes plans and, damn it all, preparations too. I can’t imagine this alter ego being me, but it is! And good luck to me too. (sounding a little schyzophrenic there but I wont tell if I wont).

The whole route and journey of the walk has inspired me and that is without considering all the good the physical exercise side is doing for me, after a few miles I am just a walker like everyone else, shake gone, dragging leg gone, hope delivered.  I wont let this shaking palsy (Shakespeare check it out!) get the better of me. “An example please” I hear the shout from the cheap seats. OK then an example, one month ago I took part in a mighty challenge. 73 miles split between walking and cycling right from the West to East coast of Scotland along the Great Glen Way. I showed that I can mix it with the fit folk for 24 hours and come out smiling. Yeah OK, I may be a little bit brave, only saying so because they gave me a medal!

So a few hundred miles next year in a month will be easy peasy, lemon squeezy. The UK is tiny, I have researched it on the globe drinks cabinet in my front room and it will be a cinch, although a suspect gin stain may or may not be a river in Wales, more research required. What no-one appears to have  ever realised when planning to walk the length of the Great Britain before is that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. This is why the Long Straight Walk is named as such. What could be easier. I suppose walking the length of Scotland, or indeed, Perthshire or……Oh bugger!!!!!  How did I let this happen.Why why why?

But happen it will! It is this will now burning strong inside me to achieve, to deny Parkinsons an easy ride to add life enhancing experiences. This is the stuff to drive my motivation and I will beat Parkinsons, in my own way I already have, for this month anyway and I’ll try and do the same next month too and the month after that, pah to you Mr Parkinson

Anyway thanks for listening and if you want to keep up with the long straight walk and have any advice I would be more than happy to hear your comments.

More planning for me and more shaking a bit too but, and I do love a but, I am loving life and I have a great year to look forward to in 2014

Slainte Mhath



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  1. Love your attitude toward PD. It is the struggle that makes us stronger.

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