Parkinsons Walk on the Waves

Apart from the aliteration opportunity in the title, this week has been all about waves. I have been putting some effort into the logistics of getting across the watery sections of my long straight walk, which, although early days, is shaping up to be the biggest challenge of the entire escapade. At the same time I was also delighted to be asked to chat on the wonderful Heartland FM with the ever present Bruce Patterson. Now I am willing to lay a few £s or $s or even a € or two that you haven’t heard of Heartland FM. Well let me tell you a little bit about them. Based in the beautiful Pitlochry, Perth-Shire, Scotland they are the longest running community owned radio station in the UK. Did I say community, hell they are the community!  Not only that but also they are supporting my challenge in walking up the UK in a straight line. woo hoo!

heartland fm
Heartland FM Perthshire

The upshot of it all is that last Monday saw the second instalment of my radio blog, where I get the chance to tell the area about my challenges in getting the walk together, a little bit about living with Parkinsons and also a wee bit about the actual walk itself, so the airwaves are not a safe place to surf anymore, you may just hit a big wave of me! So thank you Heartland FM and especially Bruce Patterson, who has so kindly given me this opportunity. (quick poll – do you want to hear the interview? If so I will try and get file loaded onto Facebook).

heartland bruce
Bruce Patterson

It went pretty well although it is strange hearing your voice saying relatively sensible things, I sound serious, which was a surprise.

Across The Seas

As if that wasn’t enough I have also been trying to arrange sea crossings to make the walk possible and whilst there has been some success the overriding theme is ‘great idea but……’ This  is a great chance for a business to become involved in supporting Parkinson’s UK and by the time I have finished they will be bored with the extra exposure this will give their company, what is the marketing term ‘ opportunities to see’ or OTS if you want to insert a TLA.

Therefore I have a plea for help!!! Do you know anyone in Newquay Cornwall, or Anglesey or indeed the Isle of Man who has a boat and would be willing to get involved?

iom flag

No. Neither do I. Although I am sure there must be a likely candidate out there but I still haven’t found what I am looking for. (Did U2 really mean to end that sentence with a preposition tsk tsk) Apart form the sea crossings everything else is coming along nicely. The start of the longstraightwalk is not until September 2014 so no panic, yet. The time for panic  is when I start to say things like canoe or swim.

So this is not quite a ‘Your Country Needs You’ situation and it may be just be fun to be involved, I mean being stuck with me on a boat for a few hours, say for instance, from Ramsey Isle of Man to Gatehouse of Fleet in Scotland, these opportunities only come along once in a lifetime so I cannot imagine someone reaching out with both hands and grabbing hold of the rare chance.

So with all that I will leave you once again and wish you all the very best, I do hope to get this sorted or I will indeed be trying to Walk on the Waves, cue outro music of Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves  (see what I did there, theres a DJ in me. I am sure of it)

Slainte Mhath



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