Parkinsons Secret and Andy Murray

Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?

OK then as it’s a cross your heart etc promise not to tell then here is my secret.

I am setting up the Long Straight Walk for me. Yup ME. I see it as my own personal challenge, my own 2 fingers up to my disease, my adventure. MINE.

If  I come across as selfish then I do apologise. No, not for being selfish, but for enticing you to read this blog in the first place. I was wrong to expect you to understand, however if you are wondering why is he being so rude, selfish and self centred then praise to you and thanks for waiting for the balance of the blog to return. One thing I expect is honesty and I am being truthful in saying the LSW is for me. Who did you think it was for?

Alright then, as you’ve stuck with me so far here is a little bit of salvation for my soul. The primary reason I am doing it is to challenge my condition, too give a focus of what I can do, what I can achieve, what I will do in spite of Parkinsons, possibly even do because of Parkinsons and that is my selfish motivation.

However, ( which I am told is a posh but) there is a spin off or 2, secondary reasons if you will, that benefit from my self centred megalomania.

Parkinsons Research, I am not stupid enough (easy tiger) to do this without trying to raise funds for research into a cure

My family – this gives me focus and keeps me from dwelling on poor wee me and keeps me from being a right royal PITA

Others with Parkinsons – I hope to raise awareness out with the Parkinsons community ( yes, I do feel it is a community)

So what has this got to do with the genius tennis player, Andy Murray? Remember how you felt when the final game of that superb Wimbledon final was being played, 40 – 0 up and his hands firmly on the trophy. Then 40 -15 and a little doubt pops into your head, at 40 – 30 you are willing Andy to serve an ace, but Djokovic is up to it and suddenly deuce and next, even worse, break point. How nervous did you feel?

lsw murray

At what point in that game or in his preparation do you think Andy Murray considered anyone else in his pursuit of Wimbledon glory? Of course he didn’t consider anyone else at any point, he was being selfish. That is not a sleight to the hero of the hour. It is a mark of respect to his focus and strong will. Also, it certainly does not make his achievement any less of astonishing, nor does it lessen his impact on others, nor does it demean in any way the brilliant outcome nor diminish the feeling of hope he has inspired in many people throughout Britain. Those secondary effects are a by-product, but a very welome by-product of that one individuals will to win.

How I wish my will was as strong and my efforts were as distinguished as Mr Murray’s. If only they were, it would allow me to raise my own self importance and with it raise the funding and speed up the research for finding a Parkinsons cure. I really am that selfish that I want a cure to be found for a chronic disease with which I happen to have been diagnosed. (shallowness is mine)

So the Long Straight Walk is my road to the Wimbledon final, full of aces and double faults, net cords and a tenacious opponent that refuses to be beaten. Like Andy Murray, a lad from along the road, I will find my victory and hopefully on that path to my own glory I can do a little good along the way for others. That, my friend, is my selfish route

Slainte Math



3 Comments Add yours

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Good on you brother!! Shake it!!

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      you gotta love a mover and a shaker

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