Added bonus!

When you look at the adverts on billboards around the world there is a consistent message from the marketeers, if there is a product and you add the word PLUS to the trade name or a big + sign, you know there has been some advantage or a new added benefit added to the original. One website claims that Plus is now ‘brand addition’


Straight forward reasoning? I guess so. So when I started to read about Parkinson’s Plus my mind was set for some additional benefits to the Parkinson’s brand! Oh yes additions to the brand, but beneficial? I think not.

Let me take you back a few days to tell you why I was reading up on PD+. I had been asked to attend a clinic in the National Hospital for Neurology in Russell Square, London by my regular PD consultant. Some research stuff that I may fit into , at least that’s why I thought I was going there.

Obviously I am special, everyone knows that, but I hadn’t realised my parkinsons was special too, Parkinson’s Plus, if you like (I don’t like it as it happens). So special that the consultation that I thought was no more than a routine appointment, had 4 specialists to look at special wee me. How nice of them. Special enough that I have to go back for a whole week of tests and probes, lumbar puncture included, such fun. Special enough that I might even get a diagnosis. A real plus!


Far from this being a self centred diatribe on ‘why me’, I know it sounded like it but I am trying to be reasoned, this is an attempt to doff my cap at the amazing curiosity of the medical profession. Put the right puzzle in front of the right person and their solution based thinking is piqued and a puzzle gets solved. Now if it takes a few CCs of my spinal fluid to assist in solving this puzzle then so be it, my pleasure to help. ( have I really just said lumbar puncture is my pleasure? Yikes) (( have I just said yikes, crivvens))(((have  I just taken this too far?)))

I am not going to go into the various derivations of Parkinsons, mainly because they scare the living daylights out of me and I want to fight something that I know is real, not the many ghosts lurking in the dark under world of PD+, but if you want to use our dearest friend google and have a peak for yourself you go ahead, but don’t go alone.

So that’s it for now, I leave you with the music rolling at the end of the soap opera that my life is turning into, waiting with anticipation for the next episode, the story line looks bleak if it continues this way, but maybe, just maybe the screen writer will give my character a break and it all turns out to be a huge medical gaff. Lets just look on the plus side eh!

Slainte Mhath



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