Waking up to Parkinsons

Some of you will know that I have recently been in London to have some tests, most of you will probably have guessed from my last post that I was terrified it might have been some even more obnoxious form of Parkinsons. So let me just cut right to the chase and not drag it out like a contestant on X Factor waiting to hear if they have made it to the live show or not, I have Parkinsons and not Parkinsons PLUS. Cue the sigh of relief noise from me!sigh lsw

After 3 days of consultations and questions and tests the brilliant National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery people said the words ‘You have Parkinsons’.Image

My perspective on that phrase has changed. 2 years ago when I first heard those words my life went into a nose dive with a tail spin, this time I punched the air and very nearly gave Professor Wood a hug and a kiss. It’s funny how perspective can change so dramatically and how I now feel lucky to have Parkinsons. It started me thinking (something had to!) and here are some of my thoughts.

You will have heard me say I am looking for the perks of having PD, little did I think PD itself was a perk but there ye go.

So a list of perks is required methinks (still can’t quite get rid of Will Shakespeare from a previous blog)

John’s List of Perks

  • Amazing support from family and friends, enough to make you feel a better person
  • organising an epic charity walk
  • Organising charity gala nights and meeting new people
  • learning to use my left hand to shave, move mouse, maybe even write!
  • Talk with and communicate with hundreds of new friends and twitter followers
  • Assist other charities where I can
  • learned how to set up a wordpress blog (sorry)
  • Learning how to speak in public, just in case my walk makes me internationally famous
  • Learn about how I am stronger than I thought

All in all there are tasks I can do now that I could not do before my diagnosis, so I have to ask myself what was I doing before. Why did I not offer the help I do now. Why did I worry about the small stuff?

I suppose the answer is that I was in my comfort zone, its a nice place to be, but you do not achieve much in that zone. Am I therefore now asking you to come out of your own comfort zone? NO, I am not, but I am asking you to support me in any way you can and if that support takes the shape of reading this and maybe even sharing with a friend or two, then I am achieving more, and so are you.

Now my friend would it be a blog of mine without a silly story? Thought not.

When I was in London I had the best time I could have bearing in mind I was in hospital during the day for 3 days running. At the end of day one the consultant suggested that I may not need a lumbar puncture. So imagine my joy when on day 2, the Lumbar Puncture team came looking for me. I felt it was rather like the scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the Child Catcher.Image

I put on my most defiant face and asked ‘were they sure it was me?’ They said ‘Oh yes it is’ I said ‘Oh no it isn’t’ and marched off to find someone in charge. I couldn’t find the right person so when I got back they said right let’s get you prepped, something in my survival guide triggered. “What about food” says I, “your not allowed any” retorts the Child Catcher, obviously smarting over my trying to go over her head and take away another victim. At that I leaned over and picked up a bowl and said “see that” holding the bowl upside down ” if that was half an hour ago there would have been rhubarb and apple crumble all over the floor.”  The kiddy snatcher scowls “So what?”. I play my Ace card, “theres no crumble cause I scoffed it!”

From my perspective a tasty victory of sorts. From the Lumbar Puncture witch’s viewpoint an escapee with a penchant for fruit crumble gets away with it!

So where are you sitting and what can you see? Would it be the same if your comfort zones shifted by a couple of degrees?comfort zone

Slainte Mhath



One Comment Add yours

  1. Gordon says:

    Your so right, John…Its not what’s happening it’s what you think about it…good story

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