Long Walk Coming Home

For those of you that didn’t know next year is Scotland’s Year of Homecoming. Lots of gatherings and events happening throughout the year. What a year it is shaping up to be, get yourself a slice of it!


Amongst all the months in this fabulous calendar, September stands out as being truly astonishing, perhaps even history making. Depending on the outcome of a certain vote for independence, a golf match at Gleneagles for the Ryder Cup and most remarkably the Long Straight Walk, which will be taking place during September 2014. Quite a month eh? Some of you know about the long straight walk (LSW) and how it represents my 2 fingered salute to Parkinsons. Some of you may even have seen my tweets and facebook posts, some of you have already decided that I have taken it all a little to far. Well maybe, but it is still going to happen.

For those of you that don’t know. I will be walking in a straight line between 2 points, the most southernly and northernly points on the UK mainland, which if my maths is correct should be the quickest route.  So what’s the big deal John? The big deal is no-one has done it before and I want to raise awareness for a brilliant charity along the way. (pssst Parkinsons UK)

Are you paying attention? Good because this next bit might need a bit of action, call it support if you must. Just a tiny helping hand. I want to decide on what target I should set for fundraising.

£7000? £10,000,  £50,000 or even a nice round £100,000   I know that targets help you achieve but is it really that simple? Set up an enormous target and do I start to believe and act in a way to hit it? Or do I realise it was too big and hide away from my mistake. Or do I set a lower target and probably get there. Image

This is where you come in “advice” – what target should I set?

The walk itself is coming together nicely, a very kind welsh chap is taking me across a couple of the watery bits, all I need now is for the Isle of Man to get a hold of it and sort out the 2 tricky crossings to and from the island and i can start to work on the poor hotels and guest house close to the route.

So that’s it for now, no doubt I will be back soon to moan about slow typing or concrete feet or just shaking in general. Something riveting! For now I will leave you in peace.

Slainte mhath



One Comment Add yours

  1. Gill says:

    I can maybe help with some hotels or guest houses if you let me know the areas you are staying in. Being out on the road a lot means I speak to lots of businesses and I can try and sway them into helping this great cause.

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