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It’s been a funny old week.  It really has. Non connected events causing a commotion of emotions that have left me drained.

I moved househouse move

I met a famous travel writersimoncalder

I was disqualified from the UK finals of a speech competition

I helped to build a dogs’ kennel (a big one, the kennel that is, not the dog, although the dog is big too. Both of  them. )

I called someone a ‘power crazed pen pushing zealot’

All in all a busy time. So what do you want to hear about first?

What’s that? The dog kennel? No I thought not. Nor the house move. Let’s get to the nitty gritty and see why the mild mannered blogger turned all of a sudden into the ranting version of Hong Kong Fooey.

Not much riles me usually. Perhaps I bemoan poor signalling at roundabouts (circles to those of you with a DD post code) or perhaps get a little huffy when an X Factor judge says yet again how hard it is to decide between a the boy band and a diva songstress making out they  would rather donate a kidney there and then than make a choice, until Dermott intervenes and the ad break looms.  ‘Diva, that power ballad was rubbish, you’re going home.’

x factor

Those minor moans aside I am pretty much level headed. Until I sense injustice. This week I didn’t just sense it, I saw it up close and smelled it’s manky breath. It was so bad this sense of injustice that it left me outraged. You don’t want to see me outraged. It’s not pretty. So what happened? Well thank you for asking, I’ll tell you.  I got disqualified from the UK final of a speech contest. There had been a bit of an administration error, bad enough, but badder still I was only told that the error had cost me my place with 2 days to go before the final. I had been cast aside, as welcome as a fart in a space suit, as my Parkinsons mate Billy Connolly would say. I was unacceptable, much like Viktor Navorski in The Terminal. I wish I had known earlier, before all the other area and regional contests had taken place. So many miles of travel and much preparation and practice wasted. Yes prep and practice, moi!! So when the news eventually reached me my fit of pique was epic.  A couple of  emails letting loose all my frustration really helped “power crazed, pen pushing zealot’ was a line, of which,I am particularly proud.

Happier times on Tuesday as I bumped into the travel writer, Simon Calder, who was fabulous when speaking at a conference I was attending. He didn’t even blank me when I buttonholed him about the longstraightwalk. In fact he seemed genuinely interested a bit of ying and yang. (No that’s not the pandas’ names)

A little more yang was an email from Parkinsons UK letting me know they will be featuring my walk as part of their association with a football club. I’ll let you know when it’s all done and dusted. A little clue ‘C’mon The Shire’

And as if that wasn’t enough yang, a bit more occurred when  newspaper journalist from one of Scotland’s favourite tabloids asked for a chance to chat about The Long Straight Walk. yang yang, yang

So that’s it, ying yang yang yang (say that agin and see if it sounds like a scooter engine firing up.) Pretty cool huh?, and do you know what? I am over the ying thing already and so happy that yangs are coming thick and fast.

scooter dog

I am looking forward to more yanging and will keep you posted.  Who needs to be UK champ anyway. Scottish champ does very nicely for me.

slainte mhath



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  1. Dale Odberg says:

    Great article, story, whatever it is called. Loved it, tks

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      Pretty sure you get paid for articles so it must be a story!

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