Long Straight Walk

On Saturday September 6th 2014 I set off on a journey from Land’s End and approximately 1month later I completed my journey at John O Groats. Ten minutes later, with my feet up, enjoying a wee dram with a few pals boring them by  recounting all the stories that had been my life for the past month.

Walking in a straight line sounded easy when I first thought of it but it has turned out to be anything but easy. The logistics always have another layer of detail followed by some more planning. Planning is a bit of uncharted territory for myself, if anything that is the real challenge.

Why did I do it? That one is simple. It’s because I said I would. Why did I do it really? To raise awareness of Parkinson’s in the UK, especially Early or Young Onset Parkinson’s.
If I raised awareness then I could raise funds. If I raised funds I could help find a cure. If a cure is found I’ll be happy. So you see it’s all about me really. I should really have called it the Stop Me Shaking Tour.

The route is unique. Taking in Wales and the Isle of Man as well as Britain’s third highest mountain “Brae Riach” At close on 1300metres of Munro majesty. Quite a collection of diverse areas. None of them have ever been part of a “LeJoG” route before.

Well that’s the  Long Straight Walk, I hope I lived up to my ideals and I hope you followed my progress and told a friend about it, or maybe two. Go on, tell them now.

Go on you know you want to!

Slainte Mhath



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