Rough Draft

The following list of names and dates is exactly why I keep banging on about  planning or the lack of it. Quite a few of you have asked for a route and dates. At the moment this is the plan. Places may change but not by much, dates may change but, again, not by much. The gaps on the days with no miles or start points are for sea crossings and I may either lose or gain time on these days,  how I dearly wish it was simpler.

Its a bit like the  Duckworth Lewis Method but not as easy to understand.

route for long straight walk
route of the long straight walk with dates and distances, click for clearer image

I must admit to being motivated to do more planning as safety is paramount, only tonight I heard a story about a close friends holiday in Cuba where disaster nearly struck. He very nearly drowned! And where did this near tragedy take place?

The sea? No

The hotel swimming pool? Again no

White water rafting? Once again no.

This near death experience happened going over a bump on the road on a bus whilst drinking out of a bottle of water!!

Now if you have to plan against that sort of thing (once the sniggering as died  down) what chance do you have eh.

Oh well back to the spread sheet.

Slainte Mhath



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