24 Hours with PD

parkinsons 24 hours

Keifer Sutherland need not worry, this 24hrs will hardly set your pulse racing. If it does you need to see the doctor too, my friend.

00:01 -6.59 AM 

not a lot happened maybe a quick visit to the loo but you can lose readers early with extra detail too soon.

7.00 -7.10 AM

The alarm blasts into life and driven by a deep sense of confusion mixed with a portion of disbelief and dismay, I wake up. For the next 30 seconds or so my life is normal and then Mr  Parkinson’s wakes up and gives my arm it’s first good shoogle of the day. Mr Parkinson is not a euphemism, you really should cleanse your mind.

The initial short symptom free period heralding in the new day is broken by whining and growling as the dogs downstairs hear movement and are keen to be kept in the loop for the day’s events.

7.10 – 7.45 ish

after dressing for the first time I head out to walk the dogs and marvel at the happiness that simple things can mean so much to simple creatures. The dogs love it too. It takes me about 15 minutes before my right leg stops feeling like a cranky cogwheel without oil, creaking along step by step. parkinsons walk

7.45 – 8.20

easy time here, all if have to do is have breakfast, shower, shave, brush teeth, get dressed for a second time. The shaving and teeth brushing I now do with my left hand for safety reasons. Would you go to a barbers with Parkinson’s?

8.45 – 9.15

head off to work, the observant amongst you will have noticed that I needed more time than planned for the previous section but I never actually learn this, ever, even when I am ahead of schedule I will add something in to get back behind the ticking clock.


go back into house to take daily medication, forgot again, resume journey to work

Do you really want to hear about a day in the life of a Quality & Tourism Advisor? Thank you for answering NO

All I will say is that typing with one hand has hardly slowed me, refusing to take minutes at meetings is a joy but answering the phone with right hand and typing memo with left means my ear gets sore by banging the phone on my head as I try hard not to swear at the caller.

17:30- 18:59

happy dog walks

Back home and out with the dogs, as it’s a nice evening and Yvonne is home we go for longer walk than usual. It’s all part of the training! This time my right leg feels a bit worse than earlier but I can walk it off. After around the mile mark my foot joins in on the party and goes solid, ‘concrete foot’ I call it.imgres-1 It feels like a heavy, hard, constricting boot has been forced onto my foot. Not to worry it comes and goes.

19:00 – bedtime

pretty much normal evening, maybe a little bit of planning for the walk or perhaps writing another amazing blog post.

Bedtime – 6.59

sleep with maybe just a quick visit to the loo.

So Keifer, what do you make of a real 24 hours?

A day with Parkinson’s is pretty much like any of your own days. As long as I can, I will lead an active life, some of you out there will be hale and hearty, others not so good. So why should I feel bad about my life? I consider today to be my best day, it is really, a degenerative disease does that for you. So if I think today is bad, god help me with what is still to come. Therefore today is always as good as it’s going to be and that is pretty darn special.

My little bit of extra  hope is that there is always the chance of finding a cure and I will do what I can to make that happen, then I can stop all this ‘today is my best day nonsense’ and get moaning about the weather with the rest of the nation.

24 hours, repeat as required.

slainte mhath



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