Top Five Perks of Parkinson’s

There are several downsides to having Parkinson’s but already there has been a lot written about these negatives and i don’t want to give these effects any more publicity, not today anyway. Firstly, right here, right now I want to say one thing before anything else, this blog is in no way belittling the effects of Parkinson’s, nor undermining those folk that struggle every waking minute of every single day to control, and sometimes fail to control, their movements. A lot of people suffer the traumas of this disease and I, for one, respect every shake you take.

parkinsons symptoms not perks

But now for the perks, as I see them, of Parkinson’s and I am going to limit myself to 5. After all I don’t want everyone to want the condition, you’ll just have to wait in line. Therefore to limit the queue for Parkinson’s I wont be including the auto shake that puts a head on you beer, or how it fairly speeds up the teeth brushing cycle, no these are just fodder to whet your appetite. Now for the main course.

Should I do this 5 to 1 or 1 to 5 or does it matter?

Ok you win, its a countdown!

five and down two places from last week’s number 3 is

sleeping at work, if I nod off at my desk, no one says a word, I just say I am a wee bit tired and ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz off I go, nap time.

Number fouris a real surprise to me, turns out I can type one handed. (Now stop right there and let me finish, you’re being cheeky, with all that ‘you always did type one handed’ nonsense) whilst  it may be true but now I type with my left hand. Even as I type this left handed I am sitting on my right hand to stop it shaking. pretty cool huh? Add in the extra cool mode of using the mouse left handed and you are onto number threes in the perk charts. try it see how you get on. A rare skill indeed and all because of Parkinson’s

That brings us neatly up to number two (resisting toilet  humour but only by a thin sheet)


ffs its frezing
ffs its frezing

2 Blogging, yup your reading my number 2’s (temptation was too strong, sorry). Would I be  writing this blog if I wasn’t shaking like a rabbit out on a winters day without his fur jacket? No. Would you be reading it? No. OK that is a moot point whether you see reading this blog as a perk but you have to remember I am an optimist.

Finally, tah dah an a roll of the drums we get to the top perk.

Numero UNO, the big one, the top of the tree, king of the hill, a number 1 ( sing to me Frank, sing)


The absolute top perk is everything to do with the people I share my life with, the new friends I speak to, the old friends who are still there, hanging around, still. Most of all it’s the top ball I am having in preparing for the long straight walk. I get to speak to bloggers across the world, hi to Andy Mc in NZ to  newspaper writers, hi Fiona and Brian, to TV people, hello Nicola, Louise, Meg and Richard,  to fellow Parkinson’s team, hi Bryn, hi Soania hi Sarah and Anne. All these people who want to hear about a silly walk but thank you for being my perks, my numero unos. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without you. I would add in my support team for the walk, Lorna and her sis Rona, Laura B, Den and Patrick and  of course my amazingly talented Yvonne, yes I would add you in too but there is a whole other blog waiting to be written and tears to be shed (mine) when I get round to telling you lot how I feel

Well that’s it my top 5 reasons to be cheerful part 1

Slainte mhath



3 Comments Add yours

  1. laura b says:

    Woo hoo name checked! Loving the perks! Tots impressed with the left hand typing… AND writing! Xxx

  2. shellshake51 says:

    Love the perks, I too type with left hand, and sit on right for control. Snap. Really enjoyed your outlook in your blog:-)

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