Don’t Worry it’s Not Parkinson’s

“Don’t Worry it’s Not Parkinson’s” that’s what my GP said as I sat in the surgery with a intermittently shaking right arm. This was about 3 years ago. He was wrong. Although in a strange way he was right and he had unwittingly gave me the best piece of advice he could never have given if he had diagnosed me correctly. His training would never allow him to say “well John, you have Parkinson’s so that’s all good then” but he could tell me not to worry when it wasn’t Parkinson’s?

let’s jut examine the motivations behind the initial “don’t worry” quip

dont worry WD40 will fix i
WD40 fir a worry free environment
  • He was trying to put me at ease before my DAT scan, which would tell if i had PD or not
  • He was trying to reassure himself that his thoughts about young fit, good looking people didn’t get Parkinson’s were correct
  • He was trying to calm me down and stop that nervous shake I seemed to have developed in my arm
  • He was being slightly naive and wanted to believe the best for me.

I tend to sway towards the last choice or perhaps number two. But did I resent him for wanting the best outcome for me or for ignoring the dark reality, raising it’s trembling finger and pointing it at me? No, I did not. I had breezed into his surgery with my usual Tigger ( T I double G rrrrr) exuberance and wisecracked my way through the appointment, obviously giving off an air of

long straight walk finger of fate
fickle finger of fate pointing at me

invincibility, apart from that darned shaking arm I tried to hide from the good doctor, yeah, who was being naive now? How could this epitome of health (stretching the truth a tad but you get my drift) fit the Parkinson’s bill? Quite well as it turns out.

Back to the original point, I seem to lose  direction more often than a sat nav with memory loss. The original point (get on with it), which was the inadvertent advice from the General Practitioner, “Don’t worry”. Well do you know what? I don’t worry, I don’t fret and I don’t get angry. Actually that’s a lie I do all 3 but then I check myself and I remember everything still good about myself………. that’s another 3 seconds wasted…… then I just lift my shoulders up and get back to being a cynical, grumpy, curator of gossip that I always was and, God willing, always will be.

So don’t worry doc, I’ll be fine, thanks for you’re initial belief that I didn’t have Parkinson’s, thanks for taking the time to get it wrong but also thanks for the best medicine you coud have prescribed “Don’t Worry” but end it there in future, without the qualification of “it isn’t (insert horrible disease/syndrome here)”, just the “don’t worry” bit for me in the future.

Slainte Mhath



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