A Very Fine Friend

We have all had a friend in our lives who is special. One who shared so many moments, highs and lows, yet remained resolute in their support of everything you ever do.

It’s all to easy to overlook the finest of personality traits like loyalty, optimism and unconditional love. Oh yes, very easy indeed not to appreciate those ideals offered up unstintingly and consistently.

Well I would like to put it on the record that I profoundly miss my friend, I miss his unswerving optimism that a bit of toast would be forthcoming from the breakfast table. I miss his loyalty that would see him show a trust in me that everything I did was OK by him and I most certainly miss his unquestioning love.

I know this is a cliche but this big guy was this man’s best friend.

Saturday night was his last. An operation earlier in the week had gone well, however a small blood clot seems to have been in his sytem. He passed peacefully and gracefully.

IMG_3317 To forget would be impossible. I write this in a state of disbelief that my big black dog is no longer walking by my side.

A toast to Archie, ‘A very fine dog, and a true friend’






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy McInnes says:

    That’s sad news John, feeling your pain.

  2. Tracie Denoon says:

    Oh John, so sorry to hear the news about your doggie Archie, thinking of you. It’s awful to loose a pet and trusted friend xx

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