Pushing Boundaries

Some of you may be aware of my previous sporting career as a cricketer, to call it a career would be an exaggeration, to call it three decades of being the most boring batsmen in the world, akin to Geoff Boycott protecting his average at the end of a season would be slightly more accurate. Anyone who saw me bat would certainly say i did not push boundaries, countless singles yes but 4s and 6s, a big fat no.

So what’s with the cricket chat John? If you’ll bare with me I’ll tell you but ll in good time.

Rarely in life do you need two hands to count your real friends and sometimes even one hand will do but i am lucky. Lucky because in that one handful of true friends I have one called the ‘cricket crew’, interchangeable, all individual but somehow one single complete entity in themselves. New members who have joined the team since I have stopped playing still make it into that elite force of real friends. I don’t even know them that well but I know they are brainwashed into knowing me as their friend because of the dubious company they keep on match nights. 

Again I hear you ask, whats all this chat about cricket John?

Well it’s only an excuse to thank all those friends who I am now asking for help and assistance in setting up a charity event next month. In all cases where I thought I woud be pushing boundaries and stretching bonds but yet again I was wrong. Even as I wonder how to ask for yet another favour, yet another prize, yet another table to be sold, these guys are ahead of me, offering help, offering assistance. If there is one thing that having Parkinson’s has done for me it is to recognise where I am lucky in life, truly blessed!

Amongst many outstanding individual efforts in making the Gala Evening in the Kingsmills Hotel a success, the combined force of nature, my old cricket club,  has been the gravity that is holding it all together.

So once again I fail to push boundaries but this time i am not in line for voluble barracking from the pavilion.


Slainte mhath




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dale Odberg says:

    Have a great time at the gala!

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      Thanks Dale. Should be a good night might even raise a pound or two

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