Bright Lights and Dark Corners

Isn’t it strange that neither the brightest light nor the darkest corner is the least bit comforting?

A peculiarly bleak way to start a post and why not eh? What is there to be cheery about? We are all doomed as Fraser from Dad’s Army would say “doomed”.

Doomed I tell ye!

OK so I am not at my brightest at the moment but I have had to face facts and adjust somewhat to the sudden realisation that I have something wrong with me. Now most of you that know me have been telling me that for years now. Unrelentingly. On and on. Time after time I have heard the phrase ‘He’s just nae right’ and I am proud to chuckle along. Sadly, as it turns out, it’s true. I am just not right. I must admit to looking into those dark corners a little bit  more lately as the ‘future’ possibilities of a life with Parkinson’s takes shape. The years of my body doing less and less. The nights lying trying to get some sleep before the dawn chorus kicks in. The increasing frustration of little things that go wrong, the misspelling of every second word, make that every word. The use of lists, ok that’s just for a break to the tedium of my complaining. (surely a line from a country song!) Oh yes and while on the subject of lists, a witty piece of graffiti on a bus shelter

Things I hate

  1. Vandalism
  2. Irony
  3. Lists



Back to those things that I found lurking in the murky recesses of an underused prefrontal cortex that tipped me to solve the mystery of my shaky limbs and accept a serious change of circumstances

Strike 1 I have had to admit defeat and change to an automatic car

Strike 2 I have had to concede that living in the wilds is not an option

Strike 3 I am having to take time off work

3 strikes and you’re out!


Luckily I don’t know the rules of baseball so 3 strikes and I am still batting, ha ha ha to the rules

Strike Back 1    I like automatics, easy to drive and after years and several very good assessments of my silky driving skills why shouldn’t I drive and auto for a change (and safety of everyone around)

Strike Back 2    Living near the shops will be great and I love bungalows

Strike Back 3    I will get back to work but no I wont let it run me (did I mean ruin me? you’ll never know)


So life ain’t 100% but life is still pretty darned good and I now do things I never did before my PD.

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying certain aspects of my life just now. All I have to do is balance too bright a light with some of the darkest corners and things will be just ticketyboo.

So where is the balance coming from just now? Well let me tell you. I am now an official member of Team14, chosen too blog about the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I am absolutely delighted. I have ne real idea what it entails but I am sure you will keep me on track.

So with that little piece of yang for the earlier ying I’ll leave you in piece for now but watch out for my events and sporty blogs coming to a screen near you soon!


Watch this space for CWG News!


Slainte mhath




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