Downhill All the Way

Mountain biking (MTB) is pretty close to my heart. One of the few times my Parkinson’s tremor goes away is when I am hurtling down a precipitous section of single track with six to ten foot drop offs and danger on all sides, OK I exaggerate a tad, but the farm road can be quite rutted in places, let me tell you. It’s symptom free cycling for those precious moments when the PD tremor stops and the shaking is from pure undiluted terror is absolutely brilliant, ha ha ha Parkinson’s I’ve found a way beyond your little shoogle.

All this chat about MTB is because I spotted that a member of the illustrious clan MacPhee had made it into the Scottish Commonwealth Games Team, so a huge big congratulations to Kerry MacPhee (I was so very tempted to call this blog My Perfect Cousin but I felt an Undertones reference would be aimed at a minority group)kerry in action

Kerry is something of a sporting all rounder and her talent was spotted whilst competing at triathlon, the mind boggles at the thought, and was poached into the sport of Downhill Mountain biking when she was spotted taking part moonlighting in a downhill event by the national cycling coach. Right from the start she has been competitive, amazingly this was only just over a year ago, already giving far more experienced riders a real run for their money on downhill events. I actually got the feeling that it wouldn’t matter what sport she turned her hand to, Kerry would excel. There is determination and dedication written all over her sporting CV.

Now the switch to MTB is complete and timings and podium finishes at international events are actual, not theoretical, you just wonder where this girl will end up. All this was meant to be her development for the Gold Coast 2018 games but progress has been rapid, so rapid that top 8 finish at the 2014 Glasgow games is a realistic goal.

“I am a cyclist now” although there was a hint that a dabble back to triathlon may be on the cards at some stage.

Hailing from South Uist in the Outer Hebrides means that Kerry is bilingual and she is very proud  of being a Gaidhlig speaker so sometimes will throw in some Gaidhlig when she is training and racing. Although i never did find out if expletives in mid air were in English or Gaidhlig. Maybe we’ll find out if we go along to the event at Cathkin Braes

Attitude,hunger and focus don’t appear to be words for Kerry, they are a set of beliefs which will see her through and succeed whatever course she decides to take.

The clan name is in good hands for once.

Look out for Kerry, she’ll be passing you on the way up in downhill.

mtb single track cwg kerry macphee

Slainte Mhath




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