A Grand Day Out

commonwealth games blog team14“Cracking toast Gromit” said Wallace, waggling his fingers in a self satisfied way. Gromit looked on speechless as usual. I know that was from ‘The Wrong Trousers’ not ‘A Grand Day Out’ but don’t get picky

The delight on Wallace’s face must have been something like my own as I travelled home on the train from the Grand Prix. No not the GP where hitherto rascals and flashy types tootle round and round in souped up go karts, the one where people have trained and dedicated years of their lives to be “citius, altius, fortius.” 

diverse logoThis was the Diamond League Grand Prix in Glasgow. In a prelude to the Commonwealth Games, Hampden Park hosted 2 days of athletics at the top end, enough Olympic and World championship bling on show to make Goldsmiths look like a newsagents. To continue with the Latin TLA’s “Vini Vici Verdi” although I didn’t conquer, I just marvelled at the talent on show.


Glasgow looks like it is ready, apparently a wee bit of work on queuing but as far as facilities and decking the city out for the thousands of first time visitors to Scotland, they have done us proud. George Square feels like something big is about to happen and I think that something could be much bigger than we think. The chance to change a city doesn’t come along often but legacy and redistribution are buzz words that might just be delivered this time. Lessons learned from many a previous games and some ingenious ideas for after the games will be announced soon. From what I have learned some very ingenious ways of making these games incredibly inclusive and thinking way beyond the confines of stadia and promises of sporting legacy.

Anyhow, back to my smugly satisfied train ride home, breaking into a wide smile as I remembered the brief encounter with my new hero, David Rushida a truly inspirational athlete in the mould of so many African runners of my youth, who in the words of the late great David Coleman, ‘opened his legs and showed his class’

rashida glasgow


i am not an athletics buff, it was my first visit to a track and field event since dropping the baton in the 1977 Inter School Sports 4x100m relay (probably yards actually!) but I will be back and can’t wait for the Commonwealth Games to begin. 


Slainte Mhath


Next up the opening ceremony……….



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