Games Begin

Opening Ceremony – Commonwealth Games


by the great balls of Zeus and dancing Tunnock tea cakes did I really see what I think I just saw?

A Glasgow kiss that knocked us out 

Irn Bru holding up a bridge 

Rod Stewart sounding hoarse

the people of Glasgow dancing in rainbow colours

Chris Hoy flirting with the Queen

being shouted at by a council man

yes, all that and so much more poured from the tv screens of a billion people across the Commonwealth, no doubt jaws dropped. No doubt eyebrows were raised. No doubt this opening will be remembered and remarked on long after the slightly dodgy lyrics of ‘welcome to Scotland’ are forgotten and the  words of ‘Freedom Come All Ye’ become a nations rallying call. 

It did all happen and I am proud to have played my tiny part in it all, proud to have been part of a great team of bloggers. A few of #Team14 have become radio voices and a few have written great blogs about the games but I wanted to mention that as a tiny microcosm of the friendly games  #Team14 has been inspirational to me. If I feel like that about our wee team what must it feel like to be part of  a national team? Say for example Scotland, say for example the way Dan Wallace felt winning gold. I suspect it is life changing and let’s hope addictive.  

Yep, the games are stunning and I intend to soak up the sunny sensational friendly games moment just to marvel at these amazing athletes, competitors and role models and hope our kids are watching too


Slainte mhath



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