The Final Countdown

The title of the blog started my mind playing that hideous track by Europe. Bands or songs named after continents should be barred. To make my point clearer have a think back to the grotesque misfortune that your ears had to suffer when Toto came on the radio and bleated out the ever dirgeful Africa. i think no more need be said on that subject.

But the Final Countdown is most certainly upon us. Finally the start of the walk is within touching distance, unfortunately the end is much further away ( mental note, next time sponsored visits to every chocalatier in Scotland, driven there in a Bentley). I’ll tell you what; tick followed tock followed tick followed tock followed tick. The metronome looks like it is counting in seconds but somehow every tick and an hour goes by, tock a day is gone, you get my drift, I could go on but clearly that will take me to the end of the week and another flaming tock.

Where are we with the plans? A very good question. The route and timings are all but set in stone and heather, and concrete and tar too. The exact which path will I follow I am still willing to change if on the day a better unplanned option appears, that would be what we call in planning flexibility or lack of detail, you choose. Advice will be sought at all my pit stops and overnight stays and fine tuning on the day will be allowed.

The routes across the seas are still a struggle and I have contingencies in place if i cannot find a lift on a boat. This involves straying offline in a vehicle which will then drop me back en route exactly where the watery line comes back onto dry land. So integrity and sanity will remain in place.


The closer I get to the walk, the more I realise the help of my press ganged committee is invaluable to the success and safety of the walk. Left to my own devices I would quite simply have travelled down to Lizard Point and set off on a straight line bearing, job done. But then words like safety, personal risk, lunacy and idiot were bandied around and so the team grew and somehow it has become a great unit full of talent, strength and support. Without whom I would be lost (do i need to add in the word literally,? No, I thought not) and I once again pay them all my utmost thanks.

There have now been 2 significant fund raising events and they were both an absolute blast and one day I will write specifically about the brilliant atmosphere and emotion that they have all provided. In the meantime I wanted to say this one thing – i have found the comments both face to face and on social media about my endeavour have been truly uplifting and encouraging to the team and the thought of how our Long Straight Walk has already started to fulfil the ambition to raise awareness of Early Onset Parkinson’s makes me very proud indeed. I do sometimes wonder when I read some online comments, just who this inspiring gent is that they are talking about? I’ll humbly accept the thoughts as long as in return the word of the Long Straight Walk is spread.

And thats me for now, another blog ticked off. I am trying to get into the blogging habit so that during the walk there should be quite a few posts. I am aiming for a daily diary so please follow the blog so you can get an up to the minute step by step account of my travels.

But for now

Slainte mhath



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dale Odberg says:

    Lol! I like the song Africa by Toto, I find the words & music enchanting….and I like you too & wish you all the best on your walk. If I lived over there I would join in on your walk for a little way. Always enjoy your blog.

  2. graeme stockton says:

    Other songs for your dross collection- Australia by the Manics, viva espana,- ? , America- Neil Diamond, your point is Valid… although I would not put Caledonia into that List…. songs about Scotland can be exempt… anyhow, when u leaving John?
    Good Luck.

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      The list isnot definitive but the genre exists, in my head anyway! the walk starts on the 6th September

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