Parkinson’s is a funny business

I don’t want to bore you again with chit chat about how many days there are left until the walk starts. Nor did I want to go into detail about how much fun it is spending hours pouring over a map only to find there’s a cliff or gorge or something unforgiving like that, slap bang on the preferred route. So it’s the road less travelled once more. I’ve heard this is the road  for the soul, well we will see.

This time I wanted to take a quick glance at how 2 friends chose to deal with Parkinson’s when they first suspected they had PD.

Friend 1 – Let’s call him Billy, because that’s his name, pretty much continued with life as near as normal. Kept on working, he is self employed and travels a fair amount. Now I have no doubt that Billy is insecure with what the future holds, no doubt either that he will hold a deal of resentment to being dealt this shaky hand of fate but he manages OK. He has support, his family and friends will be there for him, whatever he becomes. So far so good, well done Bill.

Friend 2 – Billy’s good pal, lets call him Robin, was a similar force of nature to Billy, really funny guy, but tormented and prone to depression. When he gets the news about Parkinson’s he cannot deal with it at all. In fact so dark did he see the future that he committed suicide. His family I am sure would have been there for him and so would his great mate Billy. The road he chose was a short one.

2 Funny Men

To call it a funny business would be flippant but both Billy and Robin were 2 of the finest comic brains in the world. Messrs Connolly and Williams had the uncanny gift of making people laugh, and they were unique. Strange now to think that they had another bond, Parkinson’s. Stranger still to think that one of them could not see a way forward other than taking his own life.

Anyway I will be thinking about Robin Williams on my journey, thinking about the road he chose and thinking that I am blessed to have so much still to live for, without question.

It’s time to cheer yourself up and what better way than to listen to the story of golf from a man who will always be remembered fondly and as a truly unique comic talent.

Smile now, here he is at his manic, comedic genius, irreverent best

Slainte mhath Robin!

nano nano



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  1. graeme stockton says:

    Shazbot….. Mork Calling Awson, Come in Awson… Great post once again John, listening to Billy or Robin on your journey will help you through. I came close to meeting them both once, I took a bus load of Haggis Customers onto a Loch Ness boat cruise, and the boat had docked just down the pier from where we usually get it, when I asked why the boat owner said that Billy and Robin and Friends had hired the boat for the day and they had let them off about 30 mins before, …. U could sill see bits of Purple die in the toilet where Billy and re dyed his goatee… can u imagine what a funny boat trip that would have been, whether Nessie popped up to hear a story or two was not forthcoming.

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