Welcome Come All Ye

What’s it All About

I have had a burst of activity in real life and on social media and I suddenly realised that there are quite a few folk who have joined us recently and may not be too sure about what this Long Straight Walk is all about. Well let me tell you – it is all about me – there that’s done. End of blog.


Well it would be the end but for one thing, it isn’t true. It started out that way. This was my walk, my challenge to Parkinson’s, my very selfish ambition to stride out and do something unique. If my mindset had stayed that way, I would be lost, the challenge down the drain, the walk an idea uncorked. 

Heartfelt Apologies

Theres no ‘I’ in team but there is ‘mate’ and there is a ‘me’ and ‘ta’, So thank you team mates. Now before I head off into motivational speaker cliche land forever, these mates are the real strength of the team. Nothing would happen, and I mean nothing, would happen without them.

welcome long straight walk
Welcome to you all

I love speaking about the walk but I have recently been only too aware of how much attention and focus I have put into it over these last few weeks and I apologise for everyone who has asked that simple question “How’s the walk going” before being lambasted with all my planning hopes and challenges. I also apologise to those closest to me for neglecting my duties as friend, dad and husband. I’ll be back!

Walk in Summary

The Long Straight Walk is many things depending on your outlook. My hope is that at the end of the challenge on 5th October more people will be aware of Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease than currently exist. I hope to dispel the idea of what you cannot do when you have Parkinson’s but engage others to look at what they can do. Also, I hope to give myself an outlet for the various frustrations that come as part and parcel of the condition and yet another hope is that you will allow me to share those random thoughts, emotions and stories with your good self.

And that is it, maybe one more blog until the start, then it will be a living hell for you having to read some nonsense on a daily basis about sore feet and piss poor planning.

I’ll leave you with the remarkable Pumeza Matshikiza performing “Freedom Come All Ye” a splendid effort from Rabbie Burns (just in case you were wondering where I stole this particular blog title from, now you know. There’s really never an original thought in my head).





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