Fit Fit Fits Fit Fit

The title of this blog was overheard in an Aberdeen shoe shop as the aberdonian tried on a new pair of shoes. Roughly translated it’s which foot fits which shoe but I am willing to be wrong.
This morning saw my ‘fit’ take a first step and if I am honest I felt anything but fit.

I remember reading somewhere that the only kit check that counts is the final one. This should be carried out by emptying you rucksacks and refilling ticking off the list of what is actually in there compared to what you think is in the damned bag. If I had done that properly I would have noticed that my Parkinson’s medication was on the kitchen table and not in the mobile first aid kit ( not to be confused with the battle bus first aid kit but more of the bus next week)
Therefore instead of going to the most southern point of the uk at 9am I was in the most southern pharmacy collecting emergency rations.
If there is an angel on this earth I am guessing it is, Sheila, the landlady for 18 years at Penmenner B&B in Lizard. Amazing woman and probably as much a force of nature as the winds that ripped through Cornwall earlier this year.
Yvonne And myself eventually started the 16 mile first day hike on which we had to endure pretend footpaths, sheep and cow filled fields and a main road which didn’t have the luxury of a pavement, path or sidewalk. What it did have was nettles, hawthorns and brambles. Indeed the roads had some of the finest hedgerows I have ever seen. When the shout of “car coming” went up we had to basically lay ourselves face first into the brambly mixture and see the hedgerow very much first hand. Or first face perhaps is more apt.

We are now safe and sound enjoying a rest and some supper at Trengilly Wartha Inn somewhere near Constantine in Cornwall. A real gem of a place, good food, nice cider (allegedly) and a Cornish cheeseboard not to be missed.

One thing of note today which left Yvonne and myself thinking of chance, coincidence and divine intervention in equal measures was a surprise encounter in the backest of backwoods when we asked directions for one of those pretend pathways. A very helpful chap walked with us for a short while and pointed out a style disguised as a bush. Whilst we were chatting it turned out this gent also had early onset Parkinson’s and had been diagnosed around the same time as myself. Chance!? Now I am not a betting man (ropinerole side effect!) but I am guessing this was a meeting that was meant to happen and I am sure the reason will unfold in due course.

Anyway off to bed and more tales from the walk to come tomorrow, wifi allowing.


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  1. Dale Odberg says:

    Good work walker! 😀

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