Some days do, some days don’t

Yesterday I mentioned the pretend paths with a wee “ha ha ha” today I’ll mention the pretend routes again, minus the ha’s.
Three maybe four times the paths disintegrated before our eyes and became horse fields, cow fields, or just bloody fields. There was one instance where there was a a very large pig behind a chained and locked gate, right en route. Cleverly we sought a new route around the porker and went through a garden and another farm gate. As we looked for the exit to the farmyard Mrs Big Pig came running towards us, boy could she move for a big girl, the farmyard connected to her field and was gateless – oopsie – she ran, we ran, she snorted, we ran faster.
That was re route two. Re route four was a classic, after yet more disappearing waymarks we saw a likely looking road no more than 10metres from (yes you’ve guessed it) the field we were currently wandering aimlessly through. There looked to be a way through the woods to the new path but there wasn’t. What was there though, was enough holly to keep B&Q in sprigs this Christmas and brambles in high numbers too, now I like a bramble for a forage but to get them wrapped around your head and legs is just too much. Yvonne is now aware of the reality of being pulled through a hedge backwards. Just to top this off we met a very pleasant gentleman farmer who put us on track to the busiest road in Cornwall so when we got there we opted for several more fields all supplied and surrounded by electric fences, Russian roulette with the privates as we tiptoed over the quite high buzzing fences (6)
OK so today was a struggle but we had The sunshine, The scenery was great and the people we met are all a delight. The Sunday roast was tremendous. So the walk was tiresome but we have tomorrow to put that right.
Onwards goes the LongStraightWalk. Tomorrow is another day to shine.


Day 1 9/10 lizard point to Trengelly Wartha
Day 2 3/10 Trengelly Wartha to Chiverton Arms
Day 3???


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