Come Fly With Me

Come fly with me, come fly let’s fly away.

The place we flew to in a very light aircraft was Haverfordwest Airstrip in South Wales, very exotic. My pilot John, who flew Tiger Moths in his younger days tells me it used to be a military base during the war, I daren’t ask which war. This guy would put many a young mind to shame, long lists of numbers repeated back like some kind of Krypton Factor specialist , whilst tweaking the planes controls. This was an experience that rates right up there for me and will take some topping.

John and myself were met in Wales by Richard in the battle bus although I had to enlist the control tour to guide him in for his own final approach along the A4076

we had some time to spare this afternoon as my legs start to recover so we went for a short walk, yes you read that right! A short walk down the cliffs to poke around St Govans Chapel. An amazing relic from a bygone age hewn out if the cliff

dinner Tonight at the Stackpole Inn all I can say is go there it’s superb, tell them I sent you!




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  1. Stuart Martin says:

    Looks like you are having a blast. Love the TV interview! Good choice to leave the country at the same time as all this Referendum stuff goes into overdrive…
    All the best, John, from the Martin clan in Errol.

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