My my my Delilah

Tom Jones’ Delilah being belted out by 80,000 people at the Milenium Stadium, Cardiff after a 6 nations rugby match was my best ever Welsh musical moment that was until a couple of days ago.
Picture the scene, a windless sunny day, the water of Cardigan Bay calm and green, the inflatable RIB’s 250bhp engine silent, an ancient castle as a backdrop and 2 proud Welshmen singing their national anthem with a passion that would stir the meekest of men to battle. Well that is what happened when Neil and Dewi presented me with my new favourite Welsh musical moment and part of a couple of days I will never forget, the Celt in me cried out for more, the rest of me just cried.
My new friends in Wales are a great bunch of people and the country they live in is diverse and beautiful too. Walking along the Pembrokeshire cliffs to the gentle slopes of the Presselli hills and driving through the dramatic sheer mountains of Snowdonia to the beaches and coves of Cardigan to my final flat(?) walk across Anglesey all provided the beauty for my wandering.
So it was with heavy heart on Day 8 of the walk that I said “hwyl fawr,Cymru.” I am desperately hoping that translates to “Goodbye Wales” not “do you currently keep chickens in your car” although to be honest I wouldn’t be at all surprised because much though I have loved my time here I have never been so lost with a language, it makes Gaelic look and sound positively comprehensible.
My Welsh adventure was more emotional than I ever would have imagined and had some great moments
The sea crossings
The Golden Lion Newpor
Being adopted by Christine and Eric in landshipping
Standing on board a £27m lifeboat
The Ty Coch Inn on the beach in Porth Dinllean
Bessie’s Pub in her front room
The brewery in the middle of nowhere where I met Peter Duncan from Shetland
The sea lions and porpoises swimming by the rib
The beach at Barafundle Bay where my heart was touched by Sarah and Mark
Spending time with Yvonne and Dewi,
Being part of the LSW Welsh Team with Neil and Sammo
Coming last in a pub quiz at the Stackpole Inn

These are just a few memories and it would take several volumes to explain them all but those moments make me warm inside when I think back.

So what next? Day 9 is a day of rest and a boat trip to the Isle of Man and Day 10 sees radio and TV appearances on Manx Radio and TV news!! The walk is hot news!

For now though it’s a night being royally looked after by the Hamblin family near Cameas Bay and a fond farewell to Wales



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