In the Manx News

The Isle of Man has no excuse for not hearing about the Long Straight Walk, it has been in the newspapers, imagethe radio and the TV. I think it might have been the sight of the commonwealth games tartan kilt that awakened the media burst. Whether it was the walk, the kilt or simply my irresistible pins the media frenzy was upon us. 4 interviews and hardly even breakfast time, great start to the day. Then the local Parkinsons Society showed their support by walking with me and collecting in buckets festooned with LSW Logos and my face!

The days walk was a fairly straightforward route and around the 16 mile mark. Anyone looking at a map could see it wasn’t the 10 miles I mentioned to my old pal, Grant Stewart, who wanted to join me on the Isle of Man for both legs (should I add in a third leg just for correctness) He seemed just a tad disgruntled when he asked how far still to go at our 9 mile stop he got the reply ‘well over halfway, only seven miles to go’

Perhaps he will be more gruntled tomorrow as it really is only ten miles.

A quick mention to our hosts, Wendy & Roy Allen at Danescourt B&B, who have been charming, generous and good fun in equal measures. Go and find out for yourselves if you’re on the IOM

A quick mention of an amazing man called Rob who has Parkinson’s and if I am honest didn’t look like he would make it to the end of the prom. Well how wrong was I, Rob walked with us for about six miles and sprinted up hills as he gave us all history and geology lessons, I don’t know what his medication was that kicked in but my GP had better get me some of whatever Rob was on. He was an inspiration to Grant and myself. Moira who normally runs hill races and marathons even had to quicken her pace to keep up.

Safely back at Danescourt for the evening and a quick check on tomorrow’s route confirms it is just less the 10 miles. So that’s seven miles I’ll report to Grant when we start off in the morning.




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