Sitting on the dock of the bay

Day 12

Sittin in the morning sun I’ll be sittin’ when the evening comes Watching the ships roll and I’ll watch them roll away again.

Well Otis you must have had a smile on you face watching your song play out yesterday in Peel harbour on the Isle of Man. The set up was this:

  1. Get photographed at harbour for national daily paper (oh yes, media tart now)
  2. Wave wistfully to tearful Manx people
  3. Scoot across the flat calm Solway Firth on the fab Manx Sea Quest
  4. Arrive to awaiting film crew and press snapper (see previous tart comment)
  5. sign autographs and complete my brilliant moment of homecoming

Number 1 and 2 check

Number 3 check, no wait a second hold that tick as the sea roughed up a bit as we left the protection of the island. The waves looked to be around 10m high. i was later informed 4 to 5 metres but i think i know who was right. We headed back to harbour for the safety of all on board and we returned 90 minutes after waving my farewell. There i was back on the Isle of Man. You can tell the substance of a man in how he deals with adversity. Here’s my top adeversity advice.

  • Sit on wall
  • take iphone out of pocket
  • look at iphone
  • stare longingly out to see
  • sigh
  • look at iphone again
  • sigh
  • stare longingly out to see
  • repeat

I was woken from my torpor by Bob and Marlyn from Manx Sea Quest who had been a storm of networking. Within an hour we had been on the radio (tart), been mentioned in a speech at the Governors House and secured a light aircraft flight in the morning. Only a piece of red tape had stopped it happening straight away. These folk no how to just ‘get it done’

This morning i am back on track and will be up tiddly up up and down tiddly down down at an airfield close to Kirkcudbright and the photos, filming and walking can continue apace.

Rest day?

I leave the Isle of Man with well over two thousand pounds in donations. What a place this Island is and this isn’t my last visit.That’s a certainty.

Homeward bound (cue Art and Si)




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