With a little help from my friends

Letting Ringo Starr sing was a brave or foolish step for the band but it seems to have worked out ok for them. It was with this tune in my head that i took my own foolish or brave step on Day 16 heading from Muirkirk to Hamilton. this leg was going to be very straight but when we looked at the motley crew who arrived to join me for the day, the idea of walking with them anywhere near traffic gave me the heebee gee bees. A quick route planning meeting gave us a selection of C roads making the new route just about doable.

i must be getting old because as i walked with Owen, one of the motley crew, i ended up basically interviewing him like he had come to me for some paternal advice, which of course he had not. regardless i pushed on for some clear answers. i could feel the life drain from him by the step, Poor lad, met me on a bad day! I now remember i time ticked past my twenties a long while ago.

The walk itself was really good but the chat was brilliant, i listened  about 9 miles of debate about Pringles. To try and explain would be futile. The miles seemed easier walking in a group of friends. We made it back to the Strathclyde Hilton, where we were superbly looked after, a little weary but happy, or was it grumpy? One of the 7 dwarfs anyway. i am pleased to say there were a good few sore feet and limbs, this time  not mine.

Day 17

Another leg of the walk began in sunshine, this time accompanied by Ciara from our sponsors, Beats Medical. It was another scenic walk taking in Condorrat, Bellshill and Croy, a rare selection for our visitor to be endeared to.

one little mishap shaped the day as i took a shortcut out of the starting point hotel car park and walked around the edge of a very pretty ornamental fountain. One small step for man one giant slip for John kind. my legs went left and up my hand went right and down. Down so hard mu initial thought was that i had broken the wrist but lucky it looks like it is just a sprain. painful but not in danger of stopping the walk. Stupid is as stupid does.

Have just seen the weather forecast and, fingers crossed, it looks like the luck is going to continue for a few more days.

Enough from me for now.




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