Walk this Way

054Here we are. The walk a distant memory. Those heady, hot days of a summer stroll in the evening sun, stopping off at the village pub for a pint of local cider or beer. Some banter with the locals, then perhaps a delicious meal to finish off the evening before a long restful sleep, up nice and fresh for the stroll the next day in the warm summer’s sun. That’s how I remember the walk and some days may have been like that but if I am honest the reality was somewhat different. Enough of those distant rose tinted memories. They can be folded neatly away and I can get on with the rest of my life.

Maybe, and only because you asked nicely, here’s one quick walking story. Three days after completing the walk, I was on a train from Perth hoping to get off at Invergowrie, I live about 3 miles from the station, so a nice walk for Hamish the dog and me, but this train didn’t stop at my home station. No, it fair belted through, there’s me standing in the ready to get off position, hand on door handle, poised for action and Hamish also now very keen to disembark.  Four miles further on it choo chooed into Dundee. Leaving a mere 7 mile hike home, 8 if you take a detour to the back of the airport!

Welcome home legs!

What’s next is the question most asked and the only sure answer is ‘not the return route’

I now have some time on my hands, working every day was causing me considerable fatigue and stress ( I can admit it now) so I am fast heading towards early retirement. By the end of the month I’ll be out of full time paid employment. The next steps are beginning to take shape, perhaps more charity work, perhaps even doing a little work for myself. Who knows? It’s an evolutionary process and one I need to be careful not to fill with anything which makes my Parkinson’s worse. At long last my head is listening to my health situation and I have to be cognisance of the fact that actually I do have a condition that does affect me more than I wish to admit to. That said, I am still going to enjoy my retirement and I am still looking for the perks of having Parkinson’s.

Oh and look out for a new adventure. This time I’m not walking! I have been asked to help out with promoting a walk along the southern upland way next year, Norman’s Conquest. Details to follow soon but I am really looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

That’s my news for just now, not quite all quiet on the eastern front but I am beginning to get not walking 20 miles a day out of my system.

Slainte mhath



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