What’s Another Year

Eurovision multi winner Johnny Logan’s biggest song asked ‘What’s another year?’ and the good people of Russia, Germany, and Israel (that european stronghold!) all voted with douze points in full understanding of the crooner’s question. Frankly, I was lost for an answer.


2014 was in poker terms a full house, maybe even a Royal Flush, and what can another year do to compete? How can it live it up to the inevitable question of what next? It is not contrite of me to say that nothing will be the same again. My life changed in just about every aspect you could mention in 2014. I got married, I walked up the UK, I retired from work. Follow that. Actually i should add a question mark and an upward inflection – follow that?

That was the year that was, my own TW3, now its 2015 and I need to identify how i come to terms with two out of the three things I mentioned earlier. Being married is great and allows me to think that 2015 can live up to its illustrious predecessor. That said, the other two list items are not so perfect, the walk is over, long and straight and done. My job working for a government agency is done, (my one chance of sounding like James Bond, government agency indeed!) and now it’s time to see if I am up to the job of being me, i’ve had enough time trying but now there is no more cover pretending that I am the job title on my business card now when I read my card it just says “it’s you stupid”

Enough maudlin. ENOUGH, get on with it!

2015 – bring it on, let me at it, already some amazing things in sight, first anniversary, turning 50 and don’t care who knows it, helping a friend achieve their own long walk, travelling to countries, maybe even continents, I’ve not been before. Using my time to catch up with friends, old and new, (what a great legacy from the LSW) moving house, who knows might even build one.

So Johnny Logan, you crafty balladeer, I’ll tell you what another year is – it’s a huge gilt edged opportunity to live life, love life and thrive on friendship, yup that’s another year alright.

For now its time to raise a small glass of festive malt and wish you all a good, prosperous and fulfilling new year, well after all what’s another year between friends eh?




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