Under Pressure

Sounds simple, “breathing”. We take it for granted but really it’s quite important. Without it we would just exhale and expire. What we breathe is also a matter of life and death and all sub headings in between too for that matter.

Quick question for you. What is the mains substance the body (and brain) needs in order to initiate healing?

The answer is air or more specifically oxygen. Now simply put and by god it needs to be simple if I am to have a chance of understanding it, oxygen reaches the parts that other gases do not. Not only that but it is one of the few molecules that passes through into the brain system and has a major effect on many processes including reducing inflamation.

Now why would I be wittering on about Oxygen? Firstly I wanted to give a very quick dummies guide to get you thinking and then I would expect that there would be more chance of you agreeing with the next bit! Aha my devious plan is out now.

So if the above is true (and it is, please look it up) then does it follow that getting more oxygen would be good for you? I do hope so as I have been sitting in a hyperbaric chamber for an hour a day for the last 10 days breathing in the good stuff.


There is a story attached to how all this has come about, let me, for the moment, just call it serendipity. I’ll fill in the who, what and why some other time.

There are no personal results to share yet but I can honestly say i have been encouraged and remain hopeful.

Does this sound too simple to be true? Well I would ask you to go back and really look into oxygen as a base requirement for living, growing and healing. i’d be delighted to hear if anyone in the Parkinson’s world has any experience and also if you have any thoughts around this form of treatment then please drop me a line.

Short and sweet today, I am off to sit in a tin can. Speak soon




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