Road to Nowhere

It has been a while since my last little blogette and I am hoping you will remember me. Go on try, hit refresh page inside your head, there you go, I’m the fella that does the walking.

I also do a bit of talking!

For some time now I have been standing up in front of groups and delivering, what I hope, is an interesting presentation on my life with Parkinsons Disease. It’s part of my role as volunteer speaker for Parkinson’s UK. To be honest it’s not the standing up to speak that is my problem, its more the sitting down and shutting up.

Exciting news! I have been offered the opportunity to ‘talk the walk’. Somehow I have managed to be involved in my first ever TEDx talk. If you don’t know what I am talking about then please google TED Talks or watch here, it really is inspiring stuff. At least most of it is, there is still the small matter of a certain Mr John M’s attempt in Edinburgh which is bound to lower the standards in March. (TEDx Bruntsfield)Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 09.15.36

Speaking at a TED event has always been a silly dream of mine and now it is time to live the dream (mental note: improve dreams) and step up to the plate  (lecturn)

Here’s the thing, much though I know ‘what’ I am going to say and also ‘how’ I am going to say it, hey, I even know ‘when’ but the missing part is ‘why?’ Call it a sense of duty, or a an ego that needs stoked or even perhaps just acknowledge that I like doing it and they are letting me. These are reasons but it is not enough. Not for TED, TED likes a message or new information or an advance in technology. Technology! For goodness sake, I am struggling with the central heating programme, hardly cutting edge.

At the moment I think my message is ‘one more step’ or ‘don’t let the situation dictate – choose how you respond’. Is that too cheesy? Been done before? Not fresh enough? The answer to those three questions is probably ‘yes’

Your first time at TEDx?

You know by now my innermost doubts and anxieties about making pals and chatting to TED and I will leave it there. I do not have the answers. If you do have a moment of lucidity and can come up with a decent theme for me, do not hold back, let me know!

For now I am away to practice saying phrases like ‘new neurological research’, ‘levadopa induced dyskinesia’ and ‘thank you very much’. I am on my very own Road to Nowhere, the problem is I am not alone! Directions?




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  1. Pam McRae says:

    Well done and good luck for the talk in Edinburgh. I followed your Long Straight Walk blog with interest and admiration for you. Strangely enough I have only found out about TEDx this week. A friend sent me a link to a talk by Dr Neal Kassell on TEDx Charlotesville called Curing with Sound, which was very interesting. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. I too have Psrkinsons and am always interested to read about any developments or people’s experiences of living with it.

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      Hi Pam, Thanks for the info, I use an app to assist my walking based on audio cueing, definitely something in it

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