Open Letter to Parkinson’s

Dear Parkinson’s

I know we don’t speak much apart from the odd grumble from me when I try to tie my laces or put on cuff links. I think I handle you pretty well. It irks me that you are smug enough to believe you will be with me for the rest of my life. Smug yes, but not brave enough to kill me. You are a coward Mr P, you will leave the killing to me or my family, you run away when it comes to the toughest of decisions but that’s not how it will end.

I am against you in principal but I do recognise that you have made me a better person, stronger, more resilient and more thoughtful. I hope that hurts you.

Not only that but you have also facilitated the meeting of some truly amazing people and helped me experience so many glorious days. I have seen the country from top to bottom and coast to coast. I have visited new places, experienced new adventures, I have been welcomed as a friend across the world. Once again I hope you feel that like a dagger in your ice cold heart

The other thing you forget in your smugness is that every day some of the smartest minds on the planet are working hard to see how they can make my life better, do you have them in your corner? They are also plotting your demise and they are getting close. One day you will be banished to tread a futile existence probably preying on a very few of the most weak and infirm. You were never a top disease and your death will only be celebrated by those that are close to you. You have failed to be the demon to the masses you must have hoped you’d be.

That’s it Parkinsons, you are shite as far as diseases go and your days are numbered. So why not do us all a favour and just fuck the right off.

With all my forthright distaste




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin Gedny says:

    Thank you for this it not only made me smile (who needs cufflinks!) but resonated with how I have felt since me diagnosis last year. Thank you!

  2. Pam McRae says:

    Well said. Like the angle you’re coming from!

    1. Pam McRae says:

      Well said. Like the angle you’re coming from!

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