Flowers in the rain

Here’s something you won’t hear often “I was wrong” I know! I couldn’t believe it either but it just goes to show that everyone now and again makes a misjudgement, dammit, makes a mistake and has to stand up and admit it. Not only admit to themselves but acknowledge their error in public.

Alright here is my grand fopah.  I have been bleating on about getting a unifying symbol for Parkinson’s. one that can be instantly recognisable, do for Parkinson’s what the daffodil 🌼 did for cancer. Also with one image it would rank highly on Google and be above the old man drawing that just depresses everyone who sees it, apart from medics, apparently. Therefore I set up Facebook page, twitter and ranted only to find out there already is a unifying symbol,  oh heck, why did I not know.  Silly me.

Then you have to ask yourself – how could I not know?

the answer is pretty simple but first a little history. Around 1980 a tulip was grown and it was anew type so it was called the James Parkinson Tulip after the chap who wrote an essay 200 years ago now accepted as the first paper on Parkinson’s

1985 saw the tulip 🌷 agreed as the global image for the disease and a new motif was ratified in 2005 at the World Parkinson’s Conference in Luxembourg

so I was wrong?

There is an image and why do we not know about it? My guess is because some of the larger Parkinson’s organisations especially in the U.K. ignore it and do not use it. Sure they consumer tested it before they would consider using it. They found that people with Parkinson’s didn’t recognise it. A bit like testing if 12 year olds in liverpool recognise the Finance Minister of Sweden. Highly unlikely. Great job!

Then I heard someone me news, my heart leapt. There was going to be a new campaign for the bicentenery and would you believe it, the campaign is called #uniteforparkinsons yippee!

Ah but wait a minute, it does have a new unifying symbol but not the existing one, i.e. not a tulip  no it’s a hashtag, be still my beating heart. So it looks like collaboration means collaborate with us or don’t bother..

The story about the proud mum watching her wee Stevie marching with the cadets on Remembrance Sunday comes to mind  “would you look at wee Stevie” says mum “he’s the only one marching in step”

Anyway it’s probably best that the organisations keep their own brand integrity and ignore the overarching symbol for the disease. It’s just that I can’t think of that reason as I am only a person with Parkinson’s

Anyway there will be another chance at the tricentennial in 2117 so not to worry

Remember where we started it takes courage to stand up and say ‘I was wrong”

Watching this space!






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