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Parkinsons disease is a bit of a sod. Typing this is like having someone standing behind my chair and giving it a good shake just as i reach for the keyboard, frustrating, but not too bad, YET.

Whilst its not too bad I am going to try and do something a bit different and, for me, very adventurous. A challenge, perhaps even a quest, and one I do not think has ever been done before.

Those of you from the UK will be familiar with Lands End to John O Groats walks, but be fair, have you ever heard of it done in a straight line? AS THE CROW FLIES, Well now is your chance to become part of something unique “Long Straight Walk”

Diagnosed at the age of 46 I do not feel ready to be labelled as a Parkinsons sufferer and I will not sit back and let the urge to do less and less take over me. The opposite in fact, I am aware that activity really helps and I aim to be just that ACTIVE, and I am determined to help others who are a darn site worse than myself.

So please look into your purse or wallet and ask yourself the next tenner I spend will it be spent better than this chance to help? Only you know the answer




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